Episode 19 - Bill & Ted Face the Music

November 17, 2020

Party On, Dudes!

Now that it's available all over the world, we felt we could finally talk about the third entry in the most excellent time travel trilogy, Bill & Ted Face the Music. We have an absolutely triumphant conversation with returning guests Rachel "Quirky" Schenk & Scott Thomas (both of Infinity Podcast fame), along with quantum physicist and science consultant for the film, Spiros Michalakis. We go deep on the nature of time itself, how traversing it works (both in the film and in our own reality), whether or not this third film breaks the rules the first two set up (spoiler: it doesn't), and much more!

Our Guests:

Spiros Michalakis
Quanta Magazine
Rachel "Quirky" Schenk
Scott Thomas
The Infinity Podcast